Californian evening at EHTL: presentation of an extraordinary study trip

The theme of this year’s study trip organized by the EHTL’s Tourism Technician final year class is “The Golden Experience”. What awaits participants is a grandiose experience: a ten-day tour of California.

On March 21, at the “Soirée californienne” held two days before the big departure, EHTL Director Michel Lanners explained the choice of this exceptional destination to the 130 guests gathered for the occasion: “Usually, we choose to honor a European country. However, for the 2024 edition, our choice was motivated by an event of which the school is particularly proud, namely obtaining the Apple Distinguished School label in 2023, after five years of modernization and digitalization efforts. This led to the idea of visiting Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. This was the starting point from which the students in the tourism technician training program imagined the route of the study trip.”

Coordinator Renée Ferring spoke of her amazement at the announcement of the California project, given the scale of the undertaking. As usual, drawing on her long experience in the tourism sector, and seasoned in the task through the organization of numerous study trips (including the first in 2004, to Latvia and Estonia), she devotedly guided and advised the students through the various stages of designing this group trip.

At the same time, his colleague Isabelle Frank put all her energy into guiding and supporting the students in the production of a rich and detailed 157-page brochure for the participants in the study tour.

The “California Evening” was an opportunity to preview the program that will take participants from Luxembourg to San Francisco, and all the way to Los Angeles, via Cupertino, Monterey, Bakersfield, Death Valley and Las Vegas. History, art, cinema, luxury and glamour, innovation and gigantism await the participants, who feel like they’re living a daydream and can’t wait to confront their vision of the USA with reality.

Through this adventure, the EHTL is once again offering its students a fantastic opportunity to broaden their horizons.

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