One2One project

Just like in many other areas of professional life, jobs in the Horeca industry have changed markedly with the advent of new technologies. This was something that was yet to happen in EHTL’s learning, and that’s why the One2One project was initiated to steer the growth of the school and its curriculum towards ICT and 21st-century skills while remaining true to the values of a sector firmly rooted in tradition and the local area and with the emphasis on specialist skills. At the start of the 2018-2019 school year, each of the 240 pupils at EHTL was issued with an iPad.

The aims of the project are:

  • to make learning more interactive, clear and tangible.
  • to strengthen the link between learning and the world of work.
  • to steer the pupils towards semi-autonomous learning.
  • to prompt teachers to review their methods.
  • to provide pupils with 21st-century skills.

ABC du Boeuf
During the 2017-2018 school year, three educational establishments (LTA, LTB and EHTL) joined forces to give rise to an educational programme called L’ABC du Bœuf (the ABC of Beef). The project focused on the farming, marketing and effective use of Luxembourgish beef, and involved topics such as using local produce and cutting down on waste. Through the various stages of the programme, pupils learned to recognise and appreciate the true value of Luxembourgish beef. The idea being that, when they are working as professionals, the pupils will be able to display their knowledge to consumers and pass on to them the true value of our meat, thereby ensuring that farmers and their produce are properly valued.

Development aid

In 1995, the LTHAH played an active role in the Luxembourg government’s development aid project aimed at restoring hotel schools in Vietnam. Starting from the 1999-2000 school year, the LTHAH welcomed groups of Vietnamese students who had come to do a year of ongoing practical and theoretical training. Supervised by LTHAH teachers from 2006 until the end of the government programme, these groups have run the NHA VIET NAM restaurant in Diekirch, which used to open on some evenings and has enjoyed great success.

Future training hotel

A training hotel is a large facility that welcomes real guests and allows trainees and students to put their training into practice. This new project will enable our young people to discover the latest technological and environmental market trends and to experience for themselves what the hospitality sector is really like. They will get first-hand experience of the various departments and areas of a hotel. It goes without saying that they will not be required to face these challenges alone. A seasoned team of professionals will be on hand to help, guide and encourage them through their apprenticeship so that they are prepared as best as possible for the employment market.

A training hotel must also make sense from an educational and economic perspective, and must be able to adapt, reinvent itself, be imaginative and follow market trends. As our young people embark on a career in hospitality, they will develop soft skills like creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness, versatility and teamwork. This is an industry where it is possible to live your dream.

To sum up, the challenge facing this pilot project is to create a modern, innovative training hotel with a sensible and responsible approach to natural resources.

European projects

In 1984, the EHTL was one of the first Luxembourg technical colleges to get involved in European projects. The school has participated in various programmes ever since, including LINGUA, COMENIUS, LEONARDO and (currently) ERASMUS+, showcasing its capacity for international exchange. Among other things, these programmes allow students to get top-class placements outside their own country.