Restaurant Pop Up Convict


Opening of our temporary restaurant in

Luxembourg City

The Alexis-Heck training restaurant in Diekirch is temporarily closed for renovation. Indeed, a major renovation project aims to modernise the infrastructure in order to be able, in the long term, to welcome customers in a completely new setting.

Since the purpose of a training restaurant is to enable students to apply their know-how in direct contact with customers, it was essential for the EHTL to find an alternative location in order to guarantee the continuity of learning. This has now been done: from October 2022, the Alexis-Heck restaurant will open its doors in Luxembourg City, at the Convict Centre.

Teachers and students are looking forward to showing you their skills in cooking, pastry-making and service, through gourmet menus prepared daily from seasonal products and in accordance with the compulsory training programme for cooks and restaurant owners.

This interlude, before the reopening of the training restaurant in Diekirch, will be an opportunity for the EHTL to make its various courses and values better known to the public.


New temporary address:

Centre Convict, 5, avenue Marie-Thérèse, L-2132 Luxembourg

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at noon, except school holidays

Tél.: 80 87 91 – 1

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The EHTL Restaurant

The restaurant is reserved primarily for students in the “hotel accompaniment” course.

10.00 a.m.: the students in charge of service discover the dishes on the menu that day. The teacher explains the terminology, the knowledge of the goods, the food and wine pairing. This exercise allows the students to learn how to inform the customers in an efficient and accurate way. The students are then instructed on how to set up the room so that they can welcome the “customers” from noon onwards.

At the same time, from 9.00 a.m. onwards, various classes are busy in the kitchen and pastry shop preparing dishes and desserts.

12.00 noon: arrival of the students who take on the role of “customers”. Control of dress and respect for good table manners are required. Good manners are essential values at the EHTL.

The students on duty announce the menu and in the kitchen it’s all about getting the dishes out as soon as possible. Good coordination between the different sectors is essential to ensure that this practical exercise runs smoothly.

After the customers have left, each department debriefs with the students.

Several times a year, the restaurant hosts special events, such as the traditional graduation buffet.

The self-service restaurant

This restaurant is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 11.30 a.m. and is used by all students working in the various workshops (service, kitchen, pastry). The meals are prepared by the students in the community kitchen, while the desserts are made in the pastry shop.