Alexis-Heck Restaurant

Located in Diekirch, 2-4 avenue de la Gare, the Restaurant Alexis-Heck is open to the public by reservation. This structure allows students to apply the know-how acquired during their studies, in terms of cooking, pastry making and service. The aim is to give a concrete idea of the pace and constraints that young people will encounter in the professional world of gastronomy and catering once they graduate.

Every year the restaurant is a great success with the public, who have the opportunity to discover a different menu every day, depending on seasonal produce and the students’ programme. Customers can choose between the Formule Gourmande (starter, main course, dessert) and the Formule Business (starter + main course or main course + dessert).  The restaurant also offers the possibility to order wine by the glass, among ten references.


Tuesday to Thursdays at noon starting October 5
except school holidays

Phone: 26 80 33 89 20

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The EHTL Restaurant

The restaurant is reserved in preference for the students as part of their “hotel accompaniment” course.

10.00 a.m.: the students in charge of the service discover the dishes on the menu that day. The teacher explains the terminology, the knowledge of the goods, the food and wine pairing. This exercise allows the students to learn how to inform the customers in an efficient and accurate way. Then follow instructions on how to set up the room to be able to welcome the customers from noon onwards.

At the same time, from 9.00 a.m. onwards, different classes are busy in the kitchen and in the pastry department preparing dishes and desserts.

12.00 noon: arrival of the students who take on the role of customers. The control of the dress code and the respect of good manners at the table are required. Good manners and self-management skills are essential values at the EHTL.

The students on duty announce the menu and in the kitchen, it is the shot to send the dishes as soon as possible. Good coordination between the different sectors is essential to ensure the smooth running of this practical exercise.

After the departure of the customers, each service carries out a debriefing with the students.

Several times a year, the restaurant hosts special events, such as the traditional buffet on the occasion of the graduation ceremony.

The Self-Service Restaurant

This restaurant welcomes every day from 11.30 a.m. all the students in the different workshops (service, cooking, pastry making). The meals are prepared by the students in the community kitchen, while the desserts are made in the pastry department.