An education council is created at each high school. The Education Council comprises nine members: the Headmaster, four delegates from the Teachers’ Committee, two delegates from the Students’ Committee and two delegates from the Parents’ Committee appointed by the respective committees every two years in October of the current school year. Up to four representatives of the local authorities, the economic, associative or cultural world having relations with the school. The Education Council shall be convened at least once a term by the Director.


  • adopt the school charter,
  • give its agreement for autonomous actions in the pedagogical field, in the field of administrative organisation and make proposals,
    adopt the school project,
  • notify the draft budget of the school and give its agreement on the distribution of the budget allocated to the school,
  • agreeing on the organization of the weekly timetable,
  • to notify the internal and external evaluation reports of the school,
  • organize joint meetings and events of the school partners,
    stimulate and organize cultural activities,
  • to formulate proposals on all matters relating to school life and the organization of the school.

Designation of members

The members of the Education Council are appointed every two years in October of the current school year by the respective committees.

Appointment is made following the elections of the various committees, which take place every two years.


Effectif Surrogate
Headmaster / President Michel Lanners Mia Aouadi
Delegate of the “conférence du lycée” Liane Cales

Laurence Franzen

Martine Dahm

Bernardy Chantal

Ronny Thill

Gérard Biever

Georges Knauf

Delegate of the students’ committee Sven Charpentier
Delegate of the parents committee  Mathilde Bolmer Barbier  Paula Das Neves- Ventura