High School Conference Committee

A high school conference committee*) is set up for each high school.
*) The lycée conference brings together members of the lycée teaching staff and members of the lycée services.

The duties of the High School Conference Committee are as follows:

  • represent staff in dealings with management, the Minister, the Student Committee and the Parent Committee;
  • submit proposals to the Director on all matters relating to teaching and education at the school;
  • make proposals for ongoing staff training;
  • make general recommendations for the distribution of teaching, supervisory and pupil care duties;
  • prepare the positions taken by its representatives on the Board of Education
  • organize cultural and social activities.

The Director meets with the High School Conference Committee whenever requested. It provides him with all information relating to his various responsibilities, as well as information concerning ongoing staff training.

The High School Conference Committee is elected by the High School Conference. It delegates four of its representatives to the Education Council.

The high school conference committee establishes its own internal operating rules.


Chairman / Vice-Chairman Martine Dahm Gérard Biever
Teacher representatives

Sandra Bertholet

Liane Cales

Laurence Franzen

Martine Dahm

Georges Knauf

Joe Scholer

Nadine Reding

Ronny Thill

Gérard Biever

Claudine Thoma

Valérie Bodarwé

Konstantinos Anagnostaras

Administrative representative Danielle Conrardy
SePAS representative Anne Lanners
Technical service representative Patrick Reiffers