The 2nd edition of the “Wellness Day” organized on November 20 at EHTL for all pupils and students, as well as staff, was a resounding success.

The young people enjoyed the opportunity to experience a different kind of day at their school, and to choose two workshops from a long list of proposals, with something for everyone. On the program: effort and relaxation, learning and reflection, concentration and fun.

The dining rooms echoed to the sound of capoeira or self-defense instructions. The bistro was transformed into a Zumba class. The kitchens hosted workshops on traditional breads, superfood preparations and tastings. In the classrooms: watercolour classes, yoga, dance, relaxation and everything to do with the link between tourism and well-being.

It was also an opportunity to get out of the building to garden, hike, pedal outdoors (in the rain) or tackle your opponent in American soccer.

The watchword was connection: connection to body and mind, to senses and feelings, to nature and to others.

The result of this second edition, which was put together thanks to the excellent organization of the “Well-Being” working group, was a bevy of beaming faces and young people who were eager to come back for more! And the staff too!

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