Qualified young people with promising prospects

“Seriously? You want to study hotel management?” was the reaction to Victor Thill’s decision to enroll at the École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg Five years on, it’s a hard-working, committed and determined young man who will be speaking at the EHTL graduation ceremony for the class of 2023 on October 26:

“The jobs where we work with our hands are not valued enough, and wrongly so! Because without bricklayers, no houses; without mechanics, no vehicle repairs; without surgeons, no operations; without farmers, no fresh produce on our plates. And what would the world be without the hospitality industry? What’s the place where we live unforgettable moments; the place where we enjoy our best celebrations with friends or family; the place offering those culinary experiences and moments of relaxation that enhance our vacations?

So yes, I’ve chosen a profession with constraints; it’s true, I work while others are off or having fun, but nothing gives me greater pleasure than offering my guests an exceptional moment.”

Aiming for excellence, Victor is currently completing a demanding six-month internship at Restaurant Guy-Savoy in Paris, an establishment that has been awarded three Michelin stars and several times crowned best restaurant in the world.

Like Victor, each of the 61 graduates of the Class of 2023 has grown and developed his or her potential over the course of their studies at EHTL. CCP, DAP, Technician, General Teaching and BTS students are all worthy representatives of a modern, ambitious and dynamic school. A school which, as Véronique Schaber, representative of the French Ministry of Education, pointed out, “embodies values and traditions, while renewing itself over the years”.

The young graduates can be confident about their future: “We have endeavored to pass on to you the essential values of passion, respect and attitude. By continuing to apply these values, I can guarantee you great prospects and success in your personal and professional lives,” augured Managing Director Michel Lanners.

After the graduation ceremony, guests were invited to a Venetian carnival cocktail reception. Once again, the EHTL’s know-how and team spirit made for a memorable celebration.

Graduation ceremony


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