Integrating artificial intelligence into education?

On Saturday, October 7, some twenty EHTL participants took part in a training session dedicated to the place of artificial intelligence in education. Through the presentation of numerous concrete examples, LAM lecturer Gilles Gardula raised awareness of the new possibilities and challenges presented by the production of text and images using increasingly powerful computer processes. In fact, AI should be seen as an aid, a formidable tool that suggests avenues and ideas that leverage human creativity.

In concrete terms, AI can be useful for writing targeted cover letters, communicating effectively with people – even foreigners – or planning a tour for a study trip. Other practical applications include the composition of an original menu card or, why not, new ideas for dressing dishes.

Rather than fearing the infinite possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, we need to exploit them and integrate them into teaching. In the end, AI doesn’t do everything for humans – far from it. Indeed, successful use of AI requires considerable analytical and reflective skills to make the necessary corrections and adjustments. These innovations also invite each of us to exploit our full potential to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, interpersonal skills and good manners can never be replaced by machines.

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