First edition of the ” Well-being Day ” at the EHTL

Although well-being can be cultivated on a daily basis through a multitude of small habits and rituals, the EHTL has chosen to devote a whole day to it in order to massively raise awareness among all its pupils and students, and to encourage them to establish good habits.

On Friday 21 April 2023, some twenty workshops led by teachers or external speakers addressed three essential aspects: physical activity, psychological well-being and a healthy and balanced diet. The programme included, for example: Zumba, self-defence, mountain biking, capoeira, American football; stress management, public speaking, yoga; healthy junk food, superfood, the importance of water, plastic-free cosmetics and plant-based kitchen.

Music, physical effort, laughter, exchanges, tastings, the Wellness Day was experienced as a cheerful break from school obligations and concerns related to assessments and results to be achieved.

At the end of the event, some students shared tips on how to feel better in their daily lives, while others expressed the wish to benefit from more in-depth training, for example to develop their public speaking skills, an essential skill in the hospitality industry.

Everyone agreed unanimously that this day must be repeated every year at the EHTL !

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