US Ambassador, Mr. Thomas Barrett, visits the École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg (EHTL)

On January 19, Tom Barrett, the United States Ambassador to Luxembourg visited the EHTL in Diekirch and met with the English-speaking Restaurateur students and the graduating tourism class.

“I am grateful to Director Lanners for the invitation to visit the EHTL. It has been interesting to learn more about the institution that supports new generations of Horeca and tourism sector specialists in Luxembourg and beyond. Both sectors are of vital importance to any economy and high-quality specialized education, complemented with language training and technology, helps ensure these sectors continue to meet the rapidly changing needs of modern societies,” said Ambassador Barrett.

The English-speaking Restaurateur is a new section at EHTL, which was set up to cater for the increasing request for English language courses in Luxembourg. The tourism section includes four hours of English a week. The students of this class successfully demonstrated their command of the language during EXPOGAST 2022 at which they represented Luxembourg’s tourism stand.

On the day of the Ambassador’s visit, the EHTL was also officially recognized as an Apple Distinguished School (ADS). The label rewards the EHTL’s efforts to effectively integrate information and communication technologies into the teaching and learning process. As a follow-up to this award, the school is planning a study trip to Cupertino (California) in 2024 to explore Apple’s headquarters and perhaps also to see their ‘next big thing’.

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