Red carpet for the 60 EHTL graduates

On 27 October 2022, 60 graduates were the stars of the Hollywood Evening at the EHTL, with the red carpet, steps, gala dresses, cameras flashing and clapping guests.

Unforgettable moments of learning, sharing and growing together was the theme of the retrospective video of the young graduates’ years of study at Diekirch. It has been an enriching journey, marked by some pitfalls, but as director Michel Lanners said: “You did it! And the diploma you are receiving today will be crucial to you in the coming months and years. After all, the catering sector is suffering from a shortage of qualified employees, and EHTL pupils and students are often offered jobs even before finishing their studies.

Minister of Education Claude Meisch also acknowledged the need to increase training capacity in the hospitality sector and reaffirmed his support for opening a second campus in the south of the country by reallocating the castle of Sanem – an ambitious project that will not become reality overnight. In his speech to the graduates, the Minister emphasised the team spirit they have developed through their training, which is an important 21st-century skill. In the age of digitalisation, despite the growing importance of computers and robots, human interaction can and will never be replaced by technology.

Anja De Scheemaeker, who won the First Prize, awarded to the student judged to be the most suitable for a career in the profession, acknowledged that the path she chose had certainly been a difficult one, but what an opportunity to work in a profession that allows you to experience the world. During her studies, Anja had the opportunity to do two internships in Corsica and to participate in Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Every year, the EHTL strongly encourages pupils and students to seek out experiences abroad that will help them to grow both personally and professionally. In fact, 55 young people benefited from the Erasmus+ Mobility project in 2021/2022 – 35 of them were final-year students.

Finally, the EHTL would like to sincerely thank the Soroptimist Club Diekirch, which handed over a generous cheque to provide the best possible opportunities for the students.

This Hollywood evening was definitely not the end of the road for the new graduates: their adventure continues, and now more than ever they have the opportunity to be the actors of their lives.

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