Complementary training: EHTL students can now get trained at Alain Ducasse

Thanks to a partnership with the École Ducasse, the EHTL is now offering a limited number of its students the opportunity to follow a complementary training program dedicated to the culinary arts, with the possibility of obtaining an additional qualification. In concrete terms, from May to July 2023, the young people selected will follow a short and intensive ten-week program on the brand new campus in Meudon, located a few kilometers from Paris.

They will have the unique opportunity to work in one of the best gastronomic schools in the world, in a modern, contemporary setting with the latest technical equipment. Chef trainers who are passionate about sublimating products and are driven by the transmission of knowledge will introduce them to modern and traditional techniques, but also to a responsible cuisine that ensures the preservation of natural resources.

“We train technically excellent chefs, but also managers, entrepreneurs and citizens,” explains Elise Masurel, director of the Ducasse School. “This training in culinary arts is a good way to learn how a kitchen works and understand the philosophy of the cook. When you know what you are talking about, you have more credibility with your teams.”

Beyond technical skills, the Ducasse School also transmits essential values to succeed and remain in the profession: perseverance, rigor and excellence, as well as humility, benevolence and open-mindedness.

The key words for the students’ application are commitment and motivation. Registration fees, accommodation, everything is already planned, with funding from Erasmus+ and the support of the French Ministry of Education. There is no doubt that some will recognize and seize this golden opportunity.

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