The 2022/2023 school year at EHTL striving for excellence and offering enriching and formative experiences

The plenary conference on September 14 kicked off the 2022/2023 school year at the Luxembourg School of Hospitality and Tourism. In his speech, Mr. LANNERS was delighted with the recruitment of new pupils and students: with 115 new registrations, a total of a little more than 300 learners will follow or continue their training while benefiting from a privileged supervision. With an average of 11 students per class, the conditions for transmitting skills and knowledge are similar to those of private lessons, and perfectly meet the slogan of the French Ministry of Education: “Quality education for all”. Thanks to the resources allocated to the school, the teaching team has also been strengthened, with 6 new recruits. Finally, the range of training courses has been further expanded, as the EHTL has worked with various partners to launch a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Hotel Activities.
While partnerships, competitions, meetings, internships and trips are on the agenda of this dynamic and innovative school every year, 2022 will be a special year since, as they do every four years, students and teachers will have the opportunity to actively participate in Expogast, the “world-renowned gastronomic event” that will take place at Luxexpo next November.
A new cookbook, a temporary application restaurant in Luxembourg City, talks to participate in the next World Expo in Japan in 2025, the possibility of further training… there is no shortage of projects to aim for excellence and allow students to live enriching and formative experiences.
New students will quickly realize that EHTL is different from other schools. During the first few days, they will be given presentations on wellness, hygiene, dress code, and internship periods. They will also participate with the class teachers in various activities organized by SePAS; the objective being to facilitate their integration into their new school and to allow them to form their first bonds within the school community. As Mr. LANNERS reminded us, the ultimate goal of the school career path is to allow young people to find their way, to exploit their potential, and to motivate them to become actors of their choices, as well as committed citizens.
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