EHTL goes Flower Power

“Sowing in the earth to cultivate the spirit” is the formula used by Mr. Claude MAAS, graduate educator, to explain the EHTL goes Flower Power project he initiated in January 2022. Thus, students were invited to actively engage in the beautification of the outdoor spaces of their school. They had the opportunity to “adopt” planters to sow and plant according to their desires, but also to green up locations dominated by concrete.
The hesitation of some of them shows how little they know about botany. Therefore, this project allows them to learn, to experiment, to exchange information and to better understand natural cycles, the richness of the earth and the urgency to protect the environment. This program also promotes creativity, aesthetics, commitment, discipline and a sense of responsibility.
Within a few months, the facility has undergone its first transformation, with lively, colorful, fragrant spaces that welcome bees, butterflies and birds. Vines, day-old lilies, chives, strawberries and potatoes are now part of the decor. This tableau vivant will evolve with the seasons and with a little luck, at the beginning of the school year the school community will be able to admire a curtain of giant sunflowers.
Now that the first efforts have borne fruit, we need to make the project permanent and involve more participants. It is up to us to create a Garden of Eden
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