The EHTL hosts the Gala Dinner of the French Culinary Academy

A moment of renewed exchange and conviviality

Inducted into the Académie Culinaire de France in November 2020, the EHTL had the pleasure and honour of welcoming the Delegation from Belgium and Luxembourg to a Gala Dinner held on 28 February 2022 in the school’s salons in Diekirch.


After almost two years of the pandemic and the application of restrictive sanitary measures, this was the first banquet for outside guests, with a menu served at the table by the EHTL students. The challenge was therefore considerable: to find one’s bearings and offer a quality experience to the hundred or so guests present, most of whom were from the trade, as well as Mr Patrick SOUTIF, the French consul in Luxembourg.

Thanks to a meticulous organisation and a sumptuous menu concocted by the cooks, pastry chefs and the master cheesemaker inducted in 2020 and assisted by students and teachers of the school, all the participants greatly appreciated this moment of exchange and renewed conviviality.


In his speech, Mr Michel Lanners, Director of the EHTL, painted a picture of a gastronomy sector in crisis after two particularly difficult years which led to many closures, and which is struggling to recruit qualified staff. However, the hope of reviving a virtuous dynamic is still very much alive and the EHTL intends to do all it can to continue to promote the art of cooking, the art of the table and hospitality.


Mr Dominique Michou, President of the Belgium and Luxembourg Delegation, warmly thanked all those who had contributed to the success of this wonderful evening. The final year students and the volunteer students distinguished themselves by their discretion and professionalism, which earned them hearty congratulations.


In order to continue to promote French cuisine, the Académie Culinaire de France inducted eleven new members, who are eager to be part of the prestigious association and who will in turn have the honour of organising the next Gala Dinner.


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