Visit of Mrs. Anne Brasseur to the EHTL

Recently, the EHTL had the honor of receiving a personality from Luxembourg’s political life in the person of Mrs. Anne Brasseur.

A former Minister of Education, Anne Brasseur took the opportunity to speak with students in the hospitality management program and ask about their choice of studies, their motivations and their plans.

During the presentation of a project to create a restaurant (developed as part of their participation in an international competition), she was able to see that the students have perfectly mastered the basics of management so that they will soon be able to enter the job market.

After their exams at the end of January and a five-month internship period that will start next February, some of the students aim to continue their higher education at the Ferrandi school in Paris; their goal: to obtain a bachelor’s degree or even more if the opportunity arises to access a master’s degree.

Anne Brasseur availed herself of the visit to appreciate the development of the young people’s professional skills at the EHTL in the restaurant, hotel and cooking courses. “I am impressed by the number of languages that are spoken at the school and the diversity of cultures that coexist and thus contribute to a rich and plural atmosphere.” As a former president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the veteran politician is sensitive to social issues and a strong advocate for the maintenance of democracy and human rights.

The visit ended appropriately with a lunch at the school’s gourmet restaurant, where the vocational students were able to demonstrate their cooking and serving skills.

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