AEHT Annual Conference

Medals for the EHTL team

On Friday 5th November 2021 the award ceremony took place in Tallinn (Estonia) after the competitions which took place during the 34th Annual Conference of the European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools (AEHT).

Our three Luxembourg participants – Lisa Pierrat (BTS Hospitality Management), Gaia Rimi (Hotel Technician) and Inès Rodrigues Ramos (Tourism Technician) – proudly represented the Luxembourg Hotel and Tourism School (EHTL) during 4 days of competition and among nearly 300 participants from all over Europe!

They took part in competitions specific to tourism destination, front office and hospitality management.

The Hospitality Management competition required to mobilize all skills and knowledge around a Business Model for a hotel in Tallinn! In 24 hours, during 4 rounds (tests / passages) and a presentation in front of a jury of experts, the participants had to set up a financial strategy by considering a multitude of constraints related to the local market, the international influences and the tough competition! This was a huge learning opportunity and experience for L. Pierrat who defended the national colors with strength and conviction.

Ines Rodrigues Ramos won the silver medal. Her mission was to set up a tourism project on a current topic related to Estonia and its maritime tourism in less than 48 hours! Knowledge of the destination, creativity, innovation and information relevant to the needs of tourists were the key factors in determining the winning team among the 35 competitors.

The gold medal in Front Office goes to Gaia Rimi who brilliantly stood out from the 25 candidates in this demanding competition. Communication skills in English, customer service skills, knowledge of reception procedures, customer needs and social skills are just some of the criteria that were scrutinized by a jury of international experts.

Sincere congratulations to Gaia, Inês and Lisa for their excellent results, their great commitment to the European scene and their exemplary courage!

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