Double graduation ceremony at the EHTL: a successful bet!

Two graduating classes (2019/2020 and 2020/2021) were honoured, with ninety-nine laureates welcomed on the red carpet, and three hundred guests seated in two separate rooms – the double graduation ceremony held on 28 October at the EHTL represented a real logistical challenge, which was met with flying colours.

The ceremony began with a welcome from Mr Michel Lanners, Director, whose key message to the graduates referred to a quote by Philippe Meirieu: Educating someone means teaching him to think for himself and to do only those things he has freely decided to do.

The representative of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, Mr Eric Bosseler, congratulated the EHTL for its dynamism, its audacity and its innovative projects.

Finally, Chef René Mathieu, whose life mission is to make gastronomy rhyme with health and sustainability, insisted on the need to learn to cook and eat locally and in season. He also invited the young graduates to embark on their profession with curiosity and humility, a taste for effort, the search for personal fulfilment and the will to improve day after day.

Then came the highlight of the evening: the presentation of diplomas and prizes, which gave rise to explosions of joy, thunderous applause and a feeling of pride among the winners, their families and all those who had accompanied the learners along their journey. A link with Dubai even made it possible to congratulate the five winners currently on mission at the World Expo in the Luxembourg pavilion and to check on them.

It was also an opportunity to enthrone the king and queen of this promotion evening, which will be remembered for many reasons: the conviviality regained after a long break due to the pandemic; the chic and refined decoration of the reception rooms; the exceptional quality of the menu; and lastly, the teamwork and know-how which characterise the EHTL.

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