A new school year off to a flying start

For the new students starting their studies at the EHTL, the first thing to do is to get to know their fellow students. Although they come from different backgrounds and whatever their chosen course of study, they all share a common interest in the world of hotels and hospitality. The workshops organised by SePAS have encouraged the first exchanges and facilitated the emergence of a group dynamic. As tradition dictates, the students also contributed to a common work of art: a canvas representing a tree on which they put their fingerprints as leaves and their first names, to symbolise team spirit, cohesion and belonging to the same school community.

Also of note was the arrival of the first recruits for the international restaurant training course, a new offer which has been added to the list of courses offered by the EHTL, in order to meet the needs of the sector.

Other more experienced students experienced a completely new start to the school year as they arrived in Dubai on 14 September as part of their participation in the World Expo. This unique opportunity is offered to them thanks to a school that is full of original and ambitious projects, and which intends to continue its momentum in 2021/2022 with, among other things, the setting up of an application hotel and the realisation of joint actions with the Fischer bakery, the national airline Luxair or the prestigious Maison du GrandDuc. All of these initiatives have a single objective: to enable learners to train to the highest level and to acquire experience through varied and enriching activities.

The increase in the number of courses in recent years (from DAP to BTS), combined with the enthusiasm of young people for demanding but exciting occupations, has enabled the number of learners at the EHTL to exceed 300. While this figure is pleasing, it is still far below the labour market’s need for qualified employees. The plan to train future professionals in the medium term at a second location, in this case within the walls of the magnificent Sanem Castle, therefore makes perfect sense.

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