The EHTL becomes the first RATIONAL training centre in Luxembourg Professional combi ovens for more efficient cooking

The EHTL has joined forces with RATIONAL, a manufacturer of multifunctional cooking appliances and world leader in the combi-steamer market, to offer in-house training to its teachers and students, as well as to professionals in the HORECA sector.

RATIONAL equipment is an essential reference in the market and allows for more efficient cooking thanks to:
– a reduction in energy costs,
– savings in raw materials,
– intelligent cooking processes that reduce working times,
– time-saving cleaning.

On 1 June 2021, the EHTL’s kitchen teachers were trained by Mario Niederprüm, Sales Manager for the Saarland-Moselle region, on the iCombi Pro oven and the iVario Pro multifunctional braising pan. The teachers will then be able to pass on the essential information to their pupils so that they can learn about the operation and the many possibilities offered by this state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. In a second phase, RATIONAL will also provide specific training for the trainees. Through this cooperation, the future cooks will acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful on the job market.

From October 2021, RATIONAL will also offer two types of free workshops for the public and professionals at the EHTL, RATIONAL’s only training centre in Luxembourg:
– The “iVario live” offer, which combines theoretical explanations on the operation of multifunctional braising ovens and practical demonstrations, with concrete recipe development.
– Academy” seminars for users of RATIONAL equipment, enabling them to deepen their knowledge and optimise the use of the ovens through advice and tips from chefs. These seminars are an opportunity for professionals and their teams to gain inspiration and new ideas, to discover new trends and cooking techniques to win over customers, as well as to exchange ideas and network.

The training courses offered are organised in small groups of between 7 and 10 participants.
– Dates, time and venue: 20 and 27 October 2021 from 14.00 at the EHTL
– Registration via EHTL: tel: +352 80 87 91 – 402 / e-mail:

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