EHTL Fitness Challenge

The results of the second edition of the EHTL Fitness Challenge are impressive: in 4 weeks, the 150 participants have taken no less than 25 million steps! The participants had been wearing a Garmin Forerunner 35 (connected fitness watch) and used different techniques to make as many steps as possible: some of them chose to exercise early in the morning, even before school started, while others decided to walk instead of taking the bus in order to walk a few kilometres. The watch’s additional functions, such as heart rate and calorie count, allowed them to analyse their health at the same time. Initially conceived to promote healthy lifestyles and combat the problem of sedentary lifestyles, the importance of this initiative increased in these times of health restrictions, which can become a source of dissatisfaction and frustration. Going for a walk is good for our mind too!
On 7 May 2021, the director revealed the winners:
– first place: class 4TPHO2;
– second place: class DP1RE1;
– third place: class 2TPTO1.

The lucky winners received an EHTL bottle, energy bars which were prepared in workshops at school and some vouchers. A special prize was awarded to a particularly active student who had walked 470,000 steps in total during the four weeks.
The EHTL Fitness Challenge has become a part of our school life and the next edition may as well include other disciplines, such as cycling.

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