BTS students meet hospitality professionals

A fabulous enrichment for tomorrow’s managers and leaders

Offered since 2018 at the EHTL, the training of Advanced Technician in Hospitality Management aims to provide students with the experience and expertise necessary to excel as managers and leaders in the hotel, tourism and events sectors. In this context, meetings with professionals provide a wealth of information and represent a considerable enrichment that students record in a portfolio. During the first semester of the academic year 2020/2021, the 2nd year BTS class had the opportunity to attend various presentations directly related to their future profession and to meet professionals passionate about customer service.

The exchange with Mr. Yann Etringer, food & beverage assistant at the Alvisse Parc Hotel took place in situ, with a guided tour of the establishment and very detailed explanations.

On other occasions, the students had the pleasure of welcoming external experts to the school, such as Mr. Ghislain Ludwig, co-founder of the event company Brain&More, who insisted on the importance of structured work, organizational skills and attention to detail to ensure the success of an event.


Focused on human resources management, the presentation of how the CHL operates allowed the students to become aware of the parallels with management in a hotel environment. Once they graduate, they will have the opportunity to exercise their management skills and lead teams in a wide variety of fields. Their interlocutor, Mrs. Claire Gloesener, is a former student of the EHTL, who was accompanied by Mrs. Megan Hurst, in charge of recruitment and training.

Thanks to the computer tool, the students were able to benefit from the expertise of a leader in the hotel industry in the person of Mr. Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, President of Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Hilton Worldwide, who spoke to them live from the head office in Dubai. He impressed the future professionals with his outstanding track record and his passion to pass on to the next generation the skills needed to excel in their missions.

Finally, during the videoconference devoted to the activities of UNESCO sites, the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism in cities on the World Heritage List was obviously discussed, but also the best practices to be put in place to deal with the situation. Another crucial topic was the implementation of the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives up to 2030. Indeed, while the health crisis currently seems to monopolize all the attention, we must not lose sight of the environmental, economic and societal problems related to the tourism industry.

Through these various initiatives aimed at its students, the EHTL wants to be much more than a place of learning: it represents an open window on the world.

Meeting with Mrs Megan Hurst and Mrs Claire Gloesener from the Human Resources Department of the CHL
Digital meeting with Mr. Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, President of Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Hilton Worldwide
Exchange with Mr. Yann Etringer, food and beverage assistant at the Alvisse Parc Hotel
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