Expertise in iPad “one2one” field

Inspiring practices by EHTL

On January 19, 2021, the EHTL welcomed a delegation from the LTPS (Technical High School for Health Professions) eager to discover how the school has taken advantage of IT tools to implement innovative teaching concepts such as eLearning, blended learning and iBooks.

The start of the 2018/2019 school year marked a turning point in the way EHTL teaches, with the choice to equip all pupils, students and teachers with iPads. The school thus became the first school in Luxembourg to fully implement the national “one2one” strategy, which aims to put modern IT tools at the service of pedagogy. A new world of possibilities opened up in the way knowledge is transmitted and learning is supported. Very quickly, the management decided to promote the creation of iBooks, i.e. interactive manuals including videos on techniques and recipes studied in cooking and baking workshops. Shot in-house, these audiovisual sequences represent a real help for the learners and are all the more appreciated as they were entirely produced by the EHTL teachers.

After the trial and error inherent in the implementation of any new project and the application of a series of improvements, the “one2one” is now part of the school’s DNA. So much so that it was decided to go even further and rethink the didactic model in order to create 21st century learning. As technology offers new possibilities, didn’t we need to change the way we teach and promote the construction of knowledge? Why continue to distill the same content, at the same time, in the same place and at the same pace to an entire audience? What about the speed of learning or the faculty of understanding of each person?

Launched at the start of the 2020/2021 academic year in the classes of the penultimate year of training, “blended learning” alternates between face-to-face and distance learning courses. The objective is to allow more flexibility to take into account the needs and abilities of students, but also to allow them to work in semi-autonomy and thus give them greater responsibility in the management and success of their studies.

After having inspired itself from other schools, and engaged for the past three years in a continuous process of improvement, the EHTL now has valuable expertise that can be used by other institutions. The exchange with the LTPS delegation was an opportunity to present best practices, pitfalls to avoid, technical aspects to take into consideration and training efforts to be undertaken to achieve the expected results. The use of eLearning and the production of educational videos could soon become a reality at the LTPS. In the context of a pandemic, IT tools are more than ever a precious ally in guaranteeing the continuity of learning.

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