Ecological Park Campus Merten

Direct contact with nature and awareness of sustainable development
Inaugurated on 11 May 2011, the Campus Merten Ecological Park, managed by three partner establishments (LCD, NOSL and EHTL), represents a real success story, since over the years it has made it possible to achieve the educational objectives initially planned. Over nearly 70 ares, orchard, vegetable garden, pond, apiary and plantations provide a life-size learning ground for natural science classes and a perfect setting for raising young people’s awareness of the protection of fauna and flora, while making them aware of the challenges of sustainable development.

In addition to the enrichment of theoretical knowledge and practical experience provided by direct contact with nature, working the land is very rewarding as students see their efforts rewarded with concrete results at the time of picking and harvesting. For example, last autumn’s harvest of 260 kg of apples produced 152 litres of VIZ, while the beehives produce a small amount of honey every year. Similarly, spices, fruit and vegetables are used in cooking and baking by EHTL students.

In view of this success, the three partner schools intend to continue and further develop their fruitful collaboration.

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