Discovering the vineyards

Learning directly in the field
EHTL - Vendanges 2020
True to its mission to offer a 360° teaching programme encompassing theory, practice and direct contact with the key players in the gastronomy, hotel and tourism sectors, the EHTL regularly offers the opportunity to leave the walls of the school to go out into the field.

In this way, students following the training of hotel technicians (class 2TPHO1) had the opportunity to discover the Domaine Madame Aly Duhr et fils, and to meet Max and Ben Duhr, two enthusiasts who perpetuate a family history dating back to 1872.

It was with great interest that the young people listened to the explanations given directly in the middle of the vines by a man from the field. “This transmission of knowledge in situ constitutes an excellent revision of the winemaking courses given at the school and allows a better understanding of how a grape juice becomes a sublime vintage”, explain professors Laurence FRANZEN and Niels TOASE who accompanied the students in this winemaking adventure. “At the same time, it is a sensory experience that imprints itself on the minds of the young people and enriches their practice as sommeliers: they will show professionalism and enthusiasm when presenting the wine and commenting on it to customers.

The students also had the opportunity to learn about the grape harvest and to give their first shots with secateurs. At the end of the afternoon, the students were delighted to discover Luxembourg wines through this unique experience!

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