Christian Solidarity International Banquet at the EHTL

At the École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg, the organisation of evenings for associations allows the students to prepare efficiently for their future functions as assistant banqueting manager. On the basis of real cases, their mission is to negotiate, plan, organise and carry out a culinary event that meets the clients’ requirements best.

Ivo CAVACO and Sacha SAPPADA, students in the hotel and catering section, explain: ‘A few weeks before the banquet, we meet with the customer in order to precisely identify all his or her expectations. We go over every detail of the evening: menu, drinks, decoration, etc. Language skills, including English, are important in order to understand the needs and desires of our interlocutor and to be able to respond correctly. Each event is different and gives us an insight into situations we may encounter later in our job.’

After the exchange with the customer, the students start planning the banquet, make the necessary orders, organize and execute the event, before proceeding with the settlement and invoicing. ‘With these case studies, we will be able to demonstrate our professionalism when we enter the job market.’

On December 12, 2019, the evening organized for Christian Solidarity International took place. The association implements projects to make education accessible to all. The challenge is enormous: 250 million children in the world cannot read, write or calculate and more than 67 million are not in school at all. Yet, enabling everyone to develop their potential means giving them the opportunity to take their full place in society and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive world.

Ivo and Sacha sum up the evening: ‘We can say that everything went well since the client appreciated the meal, the decoration and the atmosphere. When the client expresses his satisfaction and thanks us, we know that we have accomplished our mission.’

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