The 2024 edition of the Honey Cooking Competition took place on January 29 at the EHTL, in the presence of Mrs Martine Hansen, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture. The competition’s patron was Caroline Esch, Michelin-starred chef of the Eden Rose restaurant and EHTL alumna. The 27-year-old remembers her student days: “In 2014, just ten years ago, I also took part in this competition and came second. This time, she’s on the panel with four other judges, including Jean-Sébastien Monné, starred chef at the Auberge de Bagatelle in Le Mans.

Creativity and originality, presentation and tasting – these were the criteria used to assess the creations of the seven contenders: three EHTL students and four young talents from France, Greece and Italy respectively. Using the same ingredients, with a special focus on honey supplied by the FUAL (Fédération des Unions d’Apiculteurs du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg), the challenge was to create a three-course menu to delight guests and convince the jury. Some dishes particularly stood out, as evidenced by the comments made at the evaluators’ table: “You can see that there’s been a lot of research and thought put into this”, “a magnificent dish, harmonious and tasty”, “great technical skill”, “it’s made with love”, “nothing to complain about, it’s worth the top mark”.

After the tasting, the competition’s godmother announced the winners of the 2024 edition:

  • the overall winner is Ariana Gomes (EHTL);
  • Best entry: Mathieu Goetghebeur (Lycée hôtelier de Dinard Yvon Bourges) ;
  • best flat: Randy Rakotoarisan (Campus Sainte-Elisabeth Le Mans) ;
  • Best dessert: Stavros Bakalis (Bougas School, Kalamata);
  • prize for best dossier: Graniel Klyne (Instituto Istruzione Superiore Bartolomeo Scappi, Bologna, Italy).

Whatever their place in the rankings, the competition was an enriching experience in which they can all take pride. (KP)


Copyright photos: Mr. Pol Bourkel

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