Motivating prospects for all EHTL training courses!

From CCP/DAP to DT, from DESG to BTS and now also from BTS to Bachelor, everything is possible with the formalization of a new cooperation agreement with École Ferrandi.

The EHTL is proud to be able to offer its BTS Hospitality Management students the opportunity to continue their studies in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree at the École Ferrandi in Paris.

Graduates of EHTL’s BTS program can apply for 120 ECTS credits awarded by the school, and enroll directly in the final year of the prestigious Paris-based school’s Bachelor’s program. Thanks to Diekirch’s excellent BTS training program, students acquire the academic level required to enter École Ferrandi, without any additional constraints.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, students can aim for a Master’s degree, following the maxim ” Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss “.

The new collaboration agreement between the EHTL and the École Ferrandi, signed on January 26 in Paris, also covers other areas: the establishment of an ERASMUS mobility program for students and teachers, the organization of conferences, the development of joint training courses, and the joint writing of a book on recent developments in gastronomy and tourism.

Acronyms used :

EHTL: École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg, CCP: Certificat de Capacité Professionnelle, DAP: Diplôme d’Aptitude Professionnelle, DT: Diplôme de Technicien, DESG: Diplôme de fin d’Études Secondaires Générales, BTS: Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, ECTS: European Credit Transfer System.

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