Throughout December, EHTL students had the opportunity to take part in the Advent calendar competition. Each day, on the school’s screens, a new door opened, presenting a photo of a personality from the hospitality sector (chef, gastronome, maître d’hôtel, bartender) with 5 suggested names to search for.

After finding the name of the personality of the day, students used their tablets to scan a QR code to access an answer form, which they then submitted.

The competition was organized by the EHTL Digital Working Group, and was carried out entirely using new technologies.

In all, around fifty students took part.

The top three were rewarded with gift vouchers.

Congratulations to :

  • Geronimo Plein who received a 100 EUR Asport voucher
  • Violetta Modyrka who received a 75 EUR Asport voucher
  • Mankhong Thiangthao who received a 50 EUR gift voucher

The success of the competition suggests that it will probably be held again next year.


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