Exchanges and training opportunities

Today, EHTL was pleased to welcome two representatives from École Ferrandi Paris, with which a collaborative partnership has been signed since 2018: Mr. Christophe ESTAY, Academic and Research Director, and Ms. Cynthia ZOUBIR, Director of International Projects and Programs.

During the meeting, EHTL management had the opportunity to discuss its current and future institutional development projects.

In the early afternoon, Mr. Estay took the opportunity to present the Bachelor’s programs. An interactive question-and-answer session enabled pupils and students to familiarize themselves with the training courses offered by the École Ferrandi.

Graduates of EHTL’s BTS Hospitality Management program have the option of continuing their studies in the third year of a Bachelor’s degree at Ferrandi Paris or on any of the school’s other campuses, depending on the specialization they wish to pursue.

On completion of this training, they can either continue and specialize with a Master’s degree (MSc) or enter the world of international hospitality directly.

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