Close ties and gastronomic exchanges between Italy and Luxembourg

Close ties and gastronomic exchanges between Italy and Luxembourg

On 3 October 2023, the EHTL and the Castel di Pietra Cooking Academy signed a partnership agreement in the presence of Luisa Castelli, Director of the Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese and Claudia Falaschi, Head of the CCIL Promotion Department.

The aim of this partnership is to establish cultural, tourist and culinary synergies between the school in Diekirch and the region of Puglia-Monti Dauni. From February 2024, the programme will include educational exchanges, lectures on the classic trio of pane, pizza and pasta, and the promotion of regional products.

Mr Daniele Borrelli, Director of Castel di Pietra, expressed his delight by saying: “I am honoured to be working with the EHTL. This initiative strengthens our cultural and gastronomic ties and provides an exceptional educational opportunity for our students”.

EHTL Director Michel Lanners underlined the importance of the collaboration: “This partnership opens up new opportunities for our training programmes, in particularly by promoting Mediterranean cuisine and local specialities, as well as modern bakery and pastry-making. Our ambition is to teach EHTL students the basics of Mediterranean food.”

The Monti Dauni region is located in southern Italy, in the Puglia region. The Monti Dauni region is situated in the south of Italy, in Basilicata and Puglia. The Monti Dauni are a mountain range primarily located in the province of Foggia, which is part of the Puglia region. This relatively unknown region is well-known for its natural beauty, picturesque villages and cultural heritage.

In summer, EHTL students will have the opportunity to delve into Italian culture and gastronomy thanks to the ‘summer school’ organised in Pietramontecorvino.

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