New “Tourism and Communication” section at EHTL: courses and educational visits

Since the start of the 2022 school year, EHTL has been offering a new “Tourism and Communication” section. It is aimed at young people who like to discover and share the world’s tourist treasures. The program includes history, art, culture, communication, marketing, accounting, as well as mastering digital tools and communication techniques.

In the first year, the focus is on the tourist regions of Luxembourg, the geographical particularities and the sites of interest of our country. It is therefore quite natural that the courses are complemented by numerous educational outings. Thus, after the Mullerthal with a meeting at the Touristcenter Heringer Millen, the visit of the National Museum of Military History, as well as that of the National Library (BnL), in February, the pupils took part in a tour of the capital, with Patrick FRANÇOIS, the LCTO’s official guide.

Their teacher, Assiane TOUKALI explains: “The objective was to show our students how a tourism professional works. Indeed, in the course of their studies, they will also be required to prepare and execute visits. The guide opted for a very pedagogical presentation in order to capture their attention from start to finish. Through this experience, they learned that the goal is not to speak like an encyclopedia, but to rely on storytelling, i.e., to get out of a descriptive mode that risks tiring the public, and instead weave an exciting story that will leave a lasting impression.

The next visit is already scheduled: in two weeks, the students will be received at the headquarters of the Sales Lentz company.

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