World Tourism Day 2022: Sustainable travel

“Rethinking Tourism” is this year’s motto for World Tourism Day on 27 September. The official celebration as part of International Tourism Day will take place in Indonesia this year. With the theme “Rethinking Tourism”, the World Tourism Organisation is calling for people to think about more sustainable, inclusive and resilient tourism.

The EHTL in Diekirch has been offering tourism education from 2e since 2000. 189 graduates have completed this training to date and have since been successfully active in tourism at home and abroad. The requirements in the tourism sector in general and for the “Technicien / Technicienne en tourisme” in particular have changed constantly since then. In order to do justice to this change, those responsible at the EHTL began in spring 2020 with an evaluation of the existing training and discussed necessary adjustments with the help of representatives of the sector.

The work of the “Groupe Refonte” resulted in the newly created training of “Technicien en tourisme et communication”, which was successfully launched in time for the beginning of school year 2022-2023 with 12 students. Now, future tourism professionals can be prepared for their future working environment in the fields of history, geopolitics, tourism, geography, languages, new media and communication from as early as 4e. Pupils also complete a ten-week internship every school year, one of which is compulsory in an English-speaking country.

According to Luxembourg’s new tourism strategy “People, Regions and Economy”, tourism here focuses on the needs of people – whether residents, cross-border commuters or tourists – strengthens quality of stay and quality of economy and reconciles these needs. “A solid tourism education paired with excellent IT and language skills are key elements to successfully position Luxembourg tourism in a highly competitive international environment,” affirms Lex Delles, Minister of Tourism, and congratulates those responsible at the EHTL for the reorientation and upgrading of tourism education.

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