Destination Paris for EHTL BTS students

Since the introduction of the BTS in Hospitality Management program in 2018/2019, the EHTL has graduated two classes of students, and is taking numerous steps to help students who wish to continue their training for a bachelor’s degree.

For example, thanks to agreements with the Ferrandi hotel school, students have the opportunity to go directly to the third year of an excellent management program in Paris. A recent two-day visit to the French capital allowed us to see how three EHTL alumni are progressing and are currently enrolled there. They are among students from all over the world whose ambition is to become the elite in gastronomy and hotel management. The idea is to go even further and consider the master’s degree.

It was also an opportunity to discover the excellent accommodation conditions for Luxembourg students at the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, within the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. Accommodation in the City of Light should not be a hindrance for Diekirch students wishing to do an internship or to pursue their higher education.

During a reception, Michel LANNERS was also able to speak with Alain DUCASSE. Their handshake in September 2018 had sealed an exclusive partnership between the two schools dedicated to excellence. Three years later, they exchanged views about future collaborative projects.

The circle was completed with a visit to the Ritz, a prestigious palace on Place Vendôme, whose director, Laurent HERSCHBACH, is an EHTL alumnus (class of 1996). In a 25-year career in the same house, he has succeeded in climbing the ladder one by one to reach the highest level. His expertise is therefore well suited to answer the following question: “How should students be trained so that they have the chance to join a palace? Indeed, the EHTL has not finished aiming higher and higher.

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