EHTL olive oil: a resounding success

The collaboration set up in autumn 2019 with the olive grower Toula VASSILACOU has borne fruit.


EHTL - visit Toula Vassilacou-Fassea
EHTL olive oil contributes to the promotion of the school through an exceptional product that seduces by its taste, quality and packaging.

The convivial lunch organised on 6 October 2020 at the AlexisHeck restaurant was the opportunity to toast to this tremendous success. Mrs VASSILACOU expressed her warmest thanks to the whole team involved in this great adventure which will be continued in the future. Indeed, the product of the next harvest, which will begin on 20 November, is once again destined for the EHTL and promises to offer exceptional quality. “Unlike other farms that store the harvest for several days before sending it to the press, we make sure that our olives are pressed on the same day to preserve all their properties,” explains the olive grower.

Motivated by the desire to always do better, this woman who talks to the olive trees aims to obtain organic certification within two or three years and to be able to use the nutritional and health claims authorised under very strict conditions by the European Commission.

At the beginning of December, a team from the EHTL will visit the olive grove in the Peloponnese to take part in the harvest and thus discover the whole process of producing this sun-drenched olive oil that is so much to our delight.

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EHTL - visit Toula Vassilacou-Fassea
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