A beautiful “database”… in paper form.

A beautiful “database”… in paper form.

On Monday 20 January, the EHTL library received a beautiful gift: several boxes of cookery recipe books, of all types (from starter to dessert, from risotto to fondue, from roast to quiche, etc.) and from all over the world (France, Asia, Reunion Island, Spain, the West Indies, North Africa, etc.). Enough to offer our students a beautiful database … in paper.

These books belonged to Mrs Marie-Christine Gilbart. They were not simply there to decorate the shelves of a library, they were for her a magnificent source of inspiration and very successful realizations.

When his wife passed away, Mr Stéphane Gilbart, who had the pleasure of the many tastings that these books gave rise to, wanted them to continue to live… and to nourish the good ideas of our EHTL students.

Here they are in our library. Thank you very much!

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