EHTL – Cactus partnership

EHTL and Cactus: A partnership to promote excellence in the food and catering professions

United by a common passion for the various professions in the food and catering industry, the Luxembourg School of Hotel Management and Tourism and Cactus are coming together to share their expertise. Laurent Schonckert, director and general manager of the Cactus group, and Michel Lanners, director of the EHTL, have signed for a dynamic partnership that is set to last for the long term.

Laurent Schonckert is delighted: ‘Joining forces with the Luxembourg School of Hotel Management and Tourism was an obvious choice for Cactus. The EHTL in its role as a trainer and Cactus in its capacity as a grocer and craftsman, are perfectly complementary structures that can be mutually enriching. We have decided to set up a local partnership to promote excellence in the food professions.’

This unprecedented partnership has resulted in a win-win relationship since Cactus now entrusts the training of its sales teams to professionals from the Luxembourg School of Hotel Management and Tourism. Conversely, EHTL students will have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and gain professional experience in direct contact with Cactus customers. A first professional training course for Cactus fishmongers within the EHTL is planned for January 2020. The Cactus sales teams will then be able to deepen their know-how in the preparation and cooking of seafood products in order to better advise customers. From 14 to 26 October, 5 students from the EHTL, who have followed a training course in wine products given by Damien Lassance, wine expert at Cactus, will join the Cactus team at the Festival des Grands Vins de France at La Belle Etoile.

Mr Lanners adds: ‘The partnership with Cactus is part of the EHTL’s institutional development strategy, which aims to establish and strengthen collaborations with national and international companies that share the common value of excellence. Continuing professional training in gastronomy and service is essential for the development of the field of expertise of professionals and pursues the ultimate goal of offering the customer the best possible experience.

In addition to exchanging expertise, Cactus’ human resources department will regularly communicate its future staffing needs in the various areas of catering, food and hospitality. Indeed, the profiles trained at the EHTL represent an important future talent pool for the company, which is keen to recruit young, motivated and highly qualified professionals.

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