Kick-off of the 2019/2020 school year

The plenary assembly on Monday 16 September kicked off the 2019/2020 school year. In his welcome address, Michel Lanners, principal, welcomed the number of new registrations, particularly for the hospitality management training in the 4th grade, organised for the very first time at EHTL. At the same time, the staff has been strengthened to supervise pupils and students and provide them with quality education. The quest for excellence in the operation and training offer is always at the heart of this unique school.

Invited by EHTL, Benoît Kuborn gave a presentation entitled Excellence in Interpersonal Relationships, and spread some ideas for offering a 5-star welcome to clients. Among the fundamentals: smiling, eye contact and phraseology, but also enthusiasm, i.e., enjoying preparing a room, cooking food or serving a cappuccino.’If you don’t like your job, the customer will feel it!’ Likewise, it is vital to listen and be sensitive, because our customers’ comments are worth gold. They allow for evolution, adjustment and, ultimately, differentiation. The motto of a prestigious hotel chain sums up the life skills that are instilled in students during their school years in Diekirch: ‘We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.’

From 5 p.m. onwards, new students were given an iPad, in line with EHTL’s wish to continue on the digital path adopted a year ago. A training will allow these young people to familiarize themselves with useful applications, but also to make rational use of this work tool.


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