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Signature of an exclusive partnership between Ducasse Education and the EHTL, the Luxembourg School of Hotel Management and Tourism.

Paris, 25 September 2018 – This Tuesday, the symbolic signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between DUCASSE Education and the Luxembourg School of Hotel Management and Tourism (EHTL) took place in order to formalize their future collaboration.

Exceptional guests for a unique event

This agreement was signed in the presence of Chef Alain Ducasse, Mr Lanners (Director of the EHTL), Her Excellency Mrs Martine Schommer (Ambassador of Luxembourg), as well as Mr Cyril Lanzerac (Director of DUCASSE Education) and his teams.

The event, which took place in the heart of the Residence of the Ambassador of Luxembourg in Paris, was attended by exceptional guests. Among them, Mr Pierre Reding, First Counsellor of the Government and Mrs Mia Aouadi, Government Commissioner and Deputy Director of the EHTL:

Also present were Catherine Elvinger and Anne Faber, graduates in 2014 and 2015 of DUCASSE Education. Respectively the head of their own restaurant and a well-known blogger with her own cooking show in Luxembourg, it was important for them to support this unique partnership between their country and the school that trained them.

A strategic signature

The stakes and objectives of the partnership are numerous. First of all, DUCASSE Education and the EHTL will share their commitment to excellence in order to transmit the highest level of expertise in culinary arts, pastry, hospitality and management. Their common mission is to provide the best possible training for the future players in international gastronomy.

Also, the close collaboration of the two establishments would generate international exposure through a rich exchange of knowledge, network sharing and co-presence at world events. DUCASSE Education has, since its beginnings, an international scope.

In the near future, the new partners would like to set up several master classes in 2019 thanks to the collaboration with IFEN, the Luxembourg National Education Training Institute. This agreement will also facilitate the enrolment of EHTL students in post-baccalaureate DUCASSE Education programmes and will offer an important opening to Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France.

The transmission of knowledge and passion for the art of living are part of the values of both institutions. For Chef Alain Ducasse, it was essential to create a common alliance around these shared values: “As a neighbour and friend, what could be more logical than to share what we know with as many young students as possible who will come to exercise this profession of hospitality, sharing and generosity. From learning how to gesture to perfection, without ever reaching it but always trying to pursue it, this is what drives me. I sincerely thank the EHTL for having worked so that we can meet again today for this official signing. »

Two schools dedicated to excellence

From A-levels to BTS, the EHTL offers a range of initial training courses leading to qualifications in the hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors. Located in Diekirch since its beginnings in 1949, the vocational school now has more than 300 students per year. The School of Hotel Management and Tourism is unique on the Luxembourg HORECA education market.

The country lacks post-baccalaureate and vocational training in this field. DUCASSE Education and the EHTL have decided to sign this official partnership in order to collaborate together on multiple projects. Indeed, continuing vocational training is a sector that needs to be further developed in Luxembourg. The cooperation with DUCASSE Education proposes to intervene at this level by offering very high level courses to professionals in the world of gastronomy.

Since its creation, DUCASSE Education contributes to the transmission of French knowledge and know-how in the field of cooking and pastry making. Today it is a worldwide network of schools, where passion and devotion to the art of hospitality underline a history forged by years of practice and experience.

DUCASSE Education transmits the highest standards of our profession with training courses that emphasize the practical learning of techniques, with precision, innovation and a rigorous competency-based methodology.

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