The aim of the school’s psychosocial and educational support service (SePAS) is to encourage each student to develop their own particular skill set as much as possible. SePAS staff work hard to provide effective assistance for the students in their professional choices and to find satisfactory solutions for any problems they may be having.

The multiskilled team, which consists of a qualified psychologist, a graduate instructor, a social worker and a careers adviser, is available to help:

  • students
  • parents/guardians
  • families
  • staff

The type of services on offer varies according to demand. SePAS interventions may concern an individual, a small group, one or more classes or even all EHTL students. Our team offers:

  • psychological support at individual, family, relationship and school level.
    • support and guidance in social and administrative matters
    • education and careers guidance
  • help if the student is struggling with their work (remedial tuition, supervised study)

Here are some examples of when you can turn to SePAS :

I’m not feeling great. I’ve had a row with my friends/parents. What direction should my training take or what should I do after my secondary education? I’m having problems at home. Where can I get financial support? My marks aren’t good enough. I want to improve my organisational skills/my concentration/my motivation. I’m being harassed. I’m too shy. I’m having problems with my partner. I’m pregnant and I daren’t tell my parents. Someone is trolling me online. And anything else that’s bothering you.

For more information, please contact:

Academic grant

  • Grant for secondary school students from low-income families
  • Financial assistance for buying school equipment
  • Financial assistance for school trips
  • Financial assistance for students who have reached the age of majority but are experiencing severe family difficulties

Terms and conditions for grants for students from low-income families are established by the Ministry of National Education. The social index calculator is available on the CePAS (the Centre for Psychosocial and Educational Support) website:

What next?

Contact our social worker:
Phone : 80 87 91 442
Fax : 80 87 94
Email :

PETERS Fabienne

PETERS Fabienne


Monday :      10h15-16h30
Tuesday :      08h00-12h00
Wednesday : 08h00-09h45
.                12h15-16h00
Thursday :  –
Friday : 10h15-16h30

Phone: 80 87 91 441

KNAUF Georges

KNAUF Georges

Guidance Teacher

only on request



Educatrice graduée

Monday :      8h15-15h00
Tuesday :       –
Wednesday : 8h15-16h30
Thursday:      10h00-15h00
Friday:  8h00-12h00

Phone : 80 87 91 447



Social Worker

Monday :       8h15-16h15
Tuesday :       8h15-16h15
Wednesday :  –
Thursday :        8h15-16h30
Friday :  –

Phone: 80 87 91 442