Parents’ Committee

Every secondary school or college has a parents’ committee. Its remit is to:

  • represent the pupils’ parents in dealings with the headteacher’s office and the teachers’ and pupils’ committees.
  • to inform the parents about all matters pertaining to learning at the school.
  • to prime its representatives on the board of education.
  • to organise cultural and social activities and to make suggestions regarding the organisation of pupils’ learning and work within the school.

The headteacher meets with the parents’ committee on request. In each school or college, the outgoing committee convenes a general meeting of the parents of pupils enrolled there before 1 November of the current school year. Failing that, the headteacher convenes the meeting. The meeting determines the composition and appointment methods for the parents’ committee. The committee appoints some of its members to represent it on the board of education. Each parent has one vote at the general meeting, regardless of how many children they have at the school. If only one parent is in attendance, they have two votes. The meeting determines the composition and appointment methods for the members of the parents’ committee. It appoints one of its members (and a substitute) to represent it on the disciplinary board.



Parents’ Committee


Présidente / Secrétaire: Mme Michelle Friederici

Vice-Présidente / Secrétaire : Mme Paula Das Neves

Trésorier : Mme Lydie Diderrich

Membre: Mme Mathilde Bolmer Barbier

Membre: Mme Céline Cappelli

Membre: Mme Karin Nockels


Conseil de Discipline :

Mme Lydie Diderrich

Membre suppléant: Mme Mathilde Bolmer Barbier


Conseil d’Education :

Mme Céline Cappelli, Mme Karin Nockels


Comité de Sécurité:

Mme Paula Das Neves

Membre suppléant: Mme Michelle Friederici

(dernière mise à jour 29.02.2019)