Conference committee

Every secondary school or college has a conference committee*).
*) The conference committee is made up of teachers and other staff.

The remit of the conference committee is as follows:

  • to represent staff in dealings with the headteacher’s office, the minister and the pupils’ and parents’ committees.
  • to make suggestions to the headteacher about all matters pertaining to learning and education at the school.
  • to make suggestions regarding the ongoing training of staff.
  • to make general recommendations regarding how teaching, monitoring and pupil care tasks should be shared out.
  • to prime its representatives on the board of education.
  • to organise cultural and social activities.

The headteacher meets with the conference committee on request. The committee reports to the head on all activities pertaining to its remit, including the ongoing training of staff.

The conference committee is appointed by the school’s conference. Four of its members are chosen to represent it on the board of education.

The conference committee has its own internal operating rules.


 Chairman / Vice Chairman Martine Dahm Gérard Biever
Teachers’ representatives

Liane Cales

Laurence Franzen

Martine Dahm

Georges Knauf

Joe Scholer

Nadine Reding

Ronny Thill

Gérard Biever

Claudine Thoma

Valérie Bodarwé

Konstantinos Anagnostaras

Representative of the administration department Danielle Conrardy  
SePAS representative Anne Lanners  
Representative of the technical department Patrick Reiffers