The BTS students are welcomed at the Royal

Last visit before exams and internship period

On January 5, 2022, Le Royal, a five-star hotel located in Luxembourg City, opened its doors to the 2nd year BTS Hospitality Management class. Even better, Mr. Jean Luc PIGNIER, Deputy General Manager, and Ms. Elsie DANJOU, Sales and Marketing Manager, guided the students through the prestigious establishment, from the cellar to the roof top. “We had the opportunity to see behind the scenes, the backstage, the spaces generally unknown to the customers. This allowed us to become fully aware of the functions that must be impeccably carried out behind the scenes, in order to guarantee quality service in the visible areas,” explained the future hospitality management professionals.

Another privilege was to visit the different types of rooms, including the one designed for people with reduced mobility, but also and above all to access the suites, which did not fail to impress with their vast spaces, refinement and the identity of the personalities they have already hosted.

Occupancy rates and staff management during periods of illness, isolation or quarantine, the principle of forward motion, eco-responsible initiatives, modernization work and technological innovations, were all topics that were discussed and that enriched the students’ knowledge. The students also enjoyed seeing the staff canteen and the fact that the deputy director personally knew each employee they met during the visit.

On the eve of their five-month internship starting in February in Luxembourg, Austria, the Netherlands or Malta, the students feel that this visit was essential to their future tasks and allows them to feel more reassured and confident

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