The Minister of Tourism meets future professionals at the EHTL

A formative experience for young people 

A change of scenery, the discovery of new horizons: the desire and need to travel will always exist. Although the health situation is currently imposing constraints and restrictions, the tourism sector will continue to need well-trained people in the future, especially as we see a refocusing on quality of service. Consequently, it is full of enthusiasm and optimism that the students of the Tourism Technician and Hospitality Management BTS courses are continuing their studies at the EHTL, through a curriculum combining theory, practice and work experience periods in Luxembourg and abroad.

For the second year running, the pupils and students had the honour of meeting the Minister for Tourism, Lex DELLES, to explain their experience and their projects to him. “This is a very formative initiative for the students, as they have the opportunity to approach a person who has responsibility at national level”, explains Michel LANNERS, Director of the EHTL. This was an opportunity to present, in the form of a story telling, how the pandemic had turned the programme of activities, visits and trips that the students should have enjoyed during their training upside down. With a lot of humour, the 1TPTO class proved its flexibility and adaptability: the study trip initially planned to Dubai will be replaced by a weekend in Luxembourg, but they decided to make do with a bad fortune. The same positive attitude was shown by the 2TPTO, which was unable to make the planned trip to Berlin: the documentation and presentation work will still be carried out as part of a virtual trip.

The presentations were followed by a round table discussion for which the B1GH1 class had prepared a series of questions, among others on tourism development and respect for the environment, the best way to promote Luxembourg, post-COVID tourism or the advantages and risks of virtual reality tools to make places of interest known.

The EHTL would like to thank Minister DELLES for this fruitful exchange and for his availability.

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