School development days for EHTL teachers

“You never finish learning because you never finish ignoring.”  Simone de Beauvoir


The school development days organised on 27 and 28 November 2020 at the EHTL are part of a lifelong learning approach and enabled all teachers to deepen their knowledge in various fields.

Behind the stove, the cookery teachers received training from the École Ducasse, with the theme: the gourmet flexitarian. Composed of 75% vegetables and cereals, the menus are suitable for vegetarians and can be supplemented with meat, fish or seafood to satisfy omnivores. Supervised by the chef Julian MERCIER, the participants have developed ten menus that can be adapted in many different ways.

In pastry, Luc DEBOVE, France’s best worker in the ice cream category in 2011, introduced the EHTL teachers to the preparation of desserts combining fruit and vegetables. A discovery that opens the door to many new creations!

Always in line with the pleasures of the mouth, tea, “a beverage with the taste of eternity”, was given pride of place in the training course for the teachers on duty: online modules enabled them to learn more about its history, which began in China in 2737 BC, its manufacture and its different varieties. Among the latter, Dilmah teas from Ceylon, which were tasted after infusion of the leaves of the tea plant.

At the same time, the teachers in the theoretical sector benefited from two IFEN training courses: on the one hand, Sebastian ZIEM’s presentation highlighted the importance of taking into account the functioning of the human brain in order to optimise the learning offered to the students. On the other hand, during a highly interactive videoconference, studded with personalised advice, the actress and author Yvonne DE BARK explained all the mistakes to be avoided when teachers communicate at a distance, behind their screen, for example in the context of distance learning. Finally, a presentation by the national agency ANEFORE provided information on the Erasmus + programme, which promotes the mobility and employability of European citizens. It was also the occasion to present the Europass, a real portfolio of competences and career management tool, very useful for all EHTL pupils and students.

After having adopted the position of open and curious learners during these two days of training, the teachers will now assume their role as passers by transmitting some of the newly acquired knowledge to the professionals of tomorrow.

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