Visit of the President of the Luxembourg Confederation of Commerce (clc) to the EHTL

EHTL - visite Toula Vassilacou-Fassea
On 9 October, Mr Fernand Ernster visited the EHTL to learn about recent developments at the school and the many challenges that need to be addressed in this time of pandemic.

The EHTL aims to prepare young pupils and students for the job market and higher education in the hospitality and management sector.

In a world of constant change, teaching and learning will become even more important.

A good understanding of what is at stake in order to become active and responsible citizens is essential. The business leader, who is well known as a bookseller in Luxembourg, took the opportunity to exchange views with students in the first year of a BTS in hospitality management. He encouraged the students to anticipate the necessary adaptation reactions in order to be able to face the many challenges facing companies today.

Fernand Ernster also insisted on the value of the quality of the services offered. Indeed, for the entrepreneur, “a sense of hospitality is essential in all customer relations and this is why I congratulate the students on the choice of their studies which can lead them to anything in their professional life”.

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