European Junior Bartender Contest

Georges Albert wins the cocktail event

On January 31, 2020, Georges ALBERT, a 3rd year student in the hotel business training at the EHTL, took part in the 36th European Junior Bartender Competition held in Spa, and won the Cocktails event. “It was necessary to create a classic cocktail, but also to present a creative cocktail. With my teacher, Mr. Clément ELIE, we developed a cocktail based on homemade lemonade with matcha tea, elderberry syrup and lime juice, which we named The New World. The training sessions allowed me to execute my cocktail to perfection. Mr. ELIE motivated me a lot during the competition and I needed it because it had started rather badly: like many other candidates, it was impossible to froth the milk for the cappuccino.

Georges ALBERT already has his mind focused on the next challenge: the Honey Cuisine competition which will take place on March 3rd at the EHTL.