Cadr’Hotel 2020 – when students and companies meet

Operation seduction on 29 January 2020 at the Alexandre-Dumas Hotel School in Strasbourg during the 33rd edition of Cadr’Hôtel. A regular and unmissable event, this major recruitment event aims to bring companies, schools and universities into contact with students in the hotel sector.

As tradition dictates, the Luxembourg School of Hotel Management and Tourism took part in this event with three final classes in hotel management and hotel and restaurant training. 35 companies, respectively 25 schools and universities in the sector, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, allowed our young people to attend a series of presentations/conferences led by seasoned professionals in the sector, to gather information, to make direct contact with recruiting companies and to learn about the alternatives available to them to continue their respective training after completing their secondary education.

In the end, the meeting with professionals in the sector is a crucial step that allows professionals to transmit their passion for the profession and young people to discover the reality of a profession in a concrete way to better prepare themselves for the challenges that await them once they enter the world of work.