A digital back to school at the EHTL

The start of the 2018/2019 school year marks a new stage in the history and development of the Luxembourg School of Hospitality and Tourism. Indeed, after several months of work, preparation and training, the “One2One” project has become a reality. On 17 September, all 240 students were equipped with an I-Pad. Configured to meet the training needs of the EHTL, this valuable work tool allows for more interactive learning, encourages the completion of tasks in semi-autonomy and prepares young people to evolve in a professional world where digital means of communication are omnipresent. While the school is resolutely modern in its equipment and teaching methods, the values it represents and which have been inculcated in students since the hotel school was founded in 1949 remain the same: discipline and interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship and customer service. Another important new feature is the expansion of the range of courses offered by the EHTL, with the “Hospitality Management” section in general secondary education and a BTS class in “Hospitality Management”. A year and a half after Mr Lanners took up his post as Director, the various projects designed to strengthen the positioning of the School of Hospitality and Tourism at national and international level are bearing fruit. The momentum has been set in motion and the next few months will be full of changes. On this first Monday of the school year, it was time to celebrate. Students, parents and the school community were invited to savour the kick-off of this digital year.

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